Bailey Draper
Custom Homes
since 1991
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The Jeary's
      I've known Bailey Draper personally and professionally for 15 years. During that time he was my Sunday School teacher, friend, and builder.  He is a special man.
    He built our dream home 11 yrs ago. He built my studio 8 years ago and he built my 2500 sq ft cabana/outdoor media room 2 yrs ago.  I keep going back to Bailey because he's a special man and a special builder.
    I've owned many many homes.  When you build a home you want trust ( total with your monies ), you want expertise, expecially if its your dream home, and you want flexibility because things change. You see new things during the process and lifes not perfect.  Bailey has all three: trustworthiness, expertise and flexibility.  And it"s not easy to build for me.   I recommend him with total commitment.  

Email me anytime if I can answer any questions

                                                                                                                                  He's the best,
 Tony Jeary
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